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Top Superfoods for Athletic Performance

Top Superfoods for Athletic Performance

Top Superfoods for Athletic Performance…

It’s Aavi sending happy hellos from Venice Beach, California! That’s me there in the picture below in the middle of the 2 Superfood Snacks brothers, Mark and Adam at Expo West.

This topic of Superfoods and athletic performance has been coming up a lot lately. The weather has been starting to become absolutely gorgeous once again and everyone has started to become more active. Is it any wonder – how could you not with such lovely weather approaching!

We get asked a lot, “How can I maintain my healthy, raw or plant based diet when I’m doing so much physical activity every day?” People wonder if it’s even possible to train so hard at the gym or outdoors without falling flat on energy.

Well everyone’s body is different and we encourage you to test everything for yourself and find what works best for you. With that being said, let me share with you my thoughts and feelings on this topic.


Many people want to know what are the top superfoods for athletic performance.

I’ve listed what we believe to be the top superfoods and superherbs for athletic performance.

Top Superfoods & SUPer herbs For Athletic Performance

  1. Hemp Seeds- A great choice for athletes seeking high protein sources. The proteins are easily digested and assimilated. In addition hemp contains naturally occurring phytonutrients and essential fatty acids.
  2. Goji Berries- Goji berry is premier eastern herb used for hundreds of thousands of years .Goji Berries are a source of protein with naturally occurring polysaccharides and antioxidant properties. Goji Berries are also a source of naturally occurring iron. Goji is an adaptogenic which is a type of herb that aids the body to cope with stresses, adapt to change, recover from injury and improve sleep quailty
  3. Maca- Maca Root is an ancient balancing superfood of the Incas, cultivated high in the mountains of Peru. It is a source of protein, and it’s properties provide energy. Like Goji Berries Maca is an adaptogenic herb so shares the benefits written above
  4. Raw Cacao- It is also rich in minerals,antioxidants and magnesium. Raw Cacao, also known as Theobroma Cacao, or to us as Chocolate, dates back to before 600 A.D. in the Mayan Culture. Traditionally, the beans were ground

    into a paste and drank by Mayans of high status. Indeed it was a special drink.Cacao is a great pre workout snack for an energy boost.

  5. Spirulina- Spirulina is loved by many athletes for its super high and easily digested protein content. It contains naturally occurring amino acids, minerals and vitamins.
  6. Chia Seeds- A prized superfood used by the Aztecs. Known as the running food , Chia Seeds are a source of naturally occurring antioxidant properties, protein, fiber, and minerals including calcium and iron.
  7. Cordyceps Mushroom- Cordyceps is known as the Chinese Longevity Mushroom. It was discovered by the ancient Chinese about 1,500 years ago. Cordyceps help give you energy.
  8. Chlorella- This algae plant has been used in Asian cultures for many generations. Chlorella is a source of protein and has naturally occurring iron, calcium, and antioxidant properties.
  9. Camu Camu Berry- A naturally occurring source of phytonutrients, antioixdants and vitamins including vitamin C. This power berry is low in sugars.
  10. Ginseng- Another premier eastern herb used for recovering from weakness and building strength. Ginseng is commonly used by athletes for its ability to increase endurance and vitality. Ginseng as well helps to regulate moods and is another adaptogenic herb.

Personal Work Out Regime

  1. Now let me tell you that I’ve been doing it and have been feeling absolutely great! I recently decided to take up boxing at a fantastic local gym and it’s been kicking my butt in the endurance area. Not to mention, I’m a petite 100 lb woman who, as it is, didn’t have a lot of physical power to begin with due to recovery from recent injuries from a car accident.

I felt weak and I was on a mission to become healthy and strong again! I decided since taking these classes, I needed to up the ante and really see what actually worked for supplementation during strenuous physical activity, whether you are a petite person or a powerhouse of a structure.

Well, here’s what I found works for me…

8 am – Wake up to a good morning stretch, a breath of fresh outside air and a full glass of alkaline water with probiotics

Why Probiotics? They assist in the assimilation of nutrients in our digestive system, which helps our bodies function more optimally by making the good stuff in what we eat more bio-available so that our body can use them! You may notice, as well, that they help you to the bathroom as well! And added benefit ;)

8:30 am- Drink a full glass of no-sugar green juice. (This is great for an array of vitamins, minerals and raw bio-available nutrients)

Super Green Juice

No sugar added green juice recipe (great for weight loss as well!)

  • Parsley (1/2 bunch)
  • Spinach (1/2 bunch)
  • Celery ( 5 stalks)
  • Cucumber (1/2 medium)
  • Lime & Lemon (1/2 each)
  • Kale (1/2 bunch)

This is an intense juice and will definitely boost your energy levels WAY Up!!

If you “need” a little caffeine before a workout, or full day of work… you can also try a yerba mate in place of coffee… with a bit of raw honey (or your sweetener of choice) and some fresh nut or seed milk. Delicious AND energizing!

9:00 am – Time for a little pre-workout snack! This is the time, I take a few Superfood Snacks for some energy and endurance. They work amazingly well and I love that I get to eat chocolate before a workout! I’ll usually have 2 or 3. Not too many, just a few do exactly what I need them to!

Superfood Snacks Superhero

11:00 am – Since I usually carry some with me in my gym bag and I’m pretty hungry after a workout, I’ll have a few more Superfood Snacks to tide me over until I can get home and make a nutritious meal!

1:00 pm – Lunch time! I always love a nice big fat salad with some fresh hemp seeds for added protein. Try this recipe:

Hearty Green Protein salad

  • Organic baby field greens (as much as you like!) – Chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, oh my!
  • Sprouted mung beans (1/4 C) – Great for added protein and fiber
  • Fresh raw hemp seeds (1TB) – Added protein, fiber and EFA’s
  • Avocado (1/2 small) – Healthy fats, amino acids and great for the skin
  • Cucumber, sliced (1/4 med) – Great water content, excellent for hydration and complexion
  • Nori, shredded (about 2 sheets) – Various beneficial sea minerals, iron, calcium and vitamin A

Superfood Salad

3:00 pm – Time for a post-meal digestive tonic! This is an easy one to make. Grate lots of fresh ginger and place in a ceramic cup. Pour boiling water over and let steep for 5-10 minutes. Add a tablespoon of raw honey and voila! Now you have a sweet and spicy tonic that’s like a warm hug for your tummy. :)

Now I am ready for the rest of my day!!

If you enjoyed this article, click the like button below. Also let us know what have you found that works for you. How have Superfoods and Superherbs benefited your energy and athletic performance? Let us know if the comments below.

Enjoy YOUR beautiful day!

Many smiles,

Aavi/Superfood Snacks Ambassador

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